We track the life cycle of equipment, data center utilization, circuits, carrier contracts, maintenance agreements, and other assets and contracts so you don’t overpay.
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Will you incur significant financial risks if you track your technology assets and service contracts on your own? Providers’ invoices can be incomprehensible. Maintenance contracts may auto-renew on assets no longer being used. Equipment or circuits may be abandoned (but still incur charges) when companies change locations.

It can be worse: Some companies don’t even know what they have, what’s expiring this month, whether they have redundant service contracts from multiple vendors, what they bought last year, where contracts are physically located, or what numbers to call when there’s a problem.

This information may be tracked on spreadsheets and be out of date. Responsibility for tracking information may be distributed among multiple employees — knowledge that can be lost when employees quit or retire.

Spearhead is a life cycle management expert. We have responsibility for tracking the assets and contracts for hundreds of organizations worldwide. Our clients trust us to make sure they only pay for what they use, that they don’t overpay, and that their financial commitments align consistently with their current business needs.

We will:

  • Undertake a complete inventory of your technology assets and provider contracts.
  • Track the status of your assets and provider contracts to ensure they always align with what you actually need and use.
  • Advise you on what you should do when moving to or leaving facilities or otherwise making changes to your business where your assets and service commitments will have an impact.
  • Alert you to auto-renews, apparent overcharges, or other circumstances where immediate action should be taken.
  • Negotiate with providers on your behalf to redress overcharges or other issues.

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