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How you conduct yourself as a company has a lot to do with how you plan and procure the technology on which your contact center relies. That involves questions like:

  • How can UCaaS and CCaaS reduce you TCO and make you more agile
  • Unified Communication: How to effectively manage inbound and outbound calls, emails, social networking, web, chat and other types of contact
  • How to monitor and analyze contact center activities and workflows
  • Which contact management solution (CMS) to deploy, if any
  • How will the contact center integrate with API plugins for your crucial applications such as CRM, email, and ERP
  • Which “point” solutions to deploy and how they’ll be integrated, like reporting tools, automated call distribution (ACD), and interactive voice response (IVR)
  • How much customization of these solutions should will be required

Identifying and aligning your needs with available technology options and providers is critical to your outreach success. Our IT consultants develop a plan to leverage your options within a budget that makes sense for what you wish to achieve. Spearhead understands the complexities of building a layered, integrated, and comprehensive contact center capability.

We will:

  • Evaluate your organization’s contact center requirements in terms of your current contact center operations, call flows, business activities, customer service needs, planned marketing outreach, and other factors
  • Develop a comprehensive contact center plan to meet your requirements
  • Recommend the right contact center technology and/or service provider(s) based on our assessment of their competitive differentiation, past performance, ability to deliver, and other factors
  • Negotiate with providers on your behalf to procure these technologies and services within a timeframe, budget, and process that works for you.

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