Your IT project will only succeed if it achieves the desired business outcome in dollars saved, agility acquired, and new capabilities gained. We’re here to make sure it does.
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The vast majority of IT projects fail to meet expectations, according to Gartner. And a major cause is poor project management. Projects are unnecessarily complex. Project leaders don’t know what they don’t know. Vendor partners tasked with different roles fail to communicate effectively for a variety of reasons.

Spearhead significantly lowers project risk — to assure much greater probability of project success. We provide you experienced, senior-level project management. Will a vendor be driven to get its part of the project done to spec? Will business goals be realized? We’re there to make sure the desired business outcome is achieved. We eliminate finger pointing and give you assurance every step of the way that correct practices are followed, key milestones are met, and vendors are working as a coordinated team rather than a collection of disparate resources.

We also provide expert complementary resources as needed to backstop your internal team so you can continue to support ongoing IT operations. The result is that when the project is over you’ll be happy you undertook it in the first place.

We will:

  • Develop a clear actionable definition of what project “success” means.
  • Work with you through the vendor onboarding process to ensure vendor commitments align with your expectations under all agreed-to terms.
  • Prepare and supervise weekly work plans and coordinate implementation activities to achieve smooth on-time delivery of vendor services and equipment.
  • Supplement internal teams as needed with hands-on resources to assure that ongoing IT operations continue at pre-project levels.
  • Document all work done and follow up where gaps exist to ensure work has been completed satisfactorily and the project’s definition of success is achieved.

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